MoneyStats for Windows, PC or Android

So far, the MoneyStats app is only available for Apple devices. More specifically, for the iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems. Only the watchOS version is still missing. But there will also soon be an app for the Apple Watch, so that MoneyStats can serve all Apple platforms!

Other applications for platforms such as Windows, PC or Android are not yet available, but are planned. I’ll try to make these available in the future as well! But you still have to be patient! 🙂

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  1. Rene Mailloux

    Could be much more practical with the possibility to edit on the web with a PC….

    1. Berlitz

      I agree that a Web version that can be accessed from any platform, even a mobile, could be a good alternative for people like us with several different devices with others OS than iOS. Now, I do understand the security issue with this alternative, so maybe at least the android version could help. Another alternative I can think of, could be importing data from an excel sheet, now the tricky part is to have the right format so the import works as it should be.

      1. Tom

        Thank you for using MoneyStats! 🙂

        A direct link with the bank is not yet possible, but I try to include this feature in a future update.

        However, there is an import function. With online banking there is normally the option of saving the data as a CSV file. This file can be imported into my app. You can then assign the fields of the import (date, amount, title, etc.) to the fields of my app. If the date format was not automatically recognized, you can specify the format in the settings below the textfield of the import. Please note that the date format is case sensitive. You will find more details in my user manual.

        Furthermore, you can automate some things here in advance, if you have already created some data beforehand. For example, if you have an expense category: “Grocery” and this also has sub-categories (hashtags) such as „Walmart”, „Aldi”, etc. and you only import the data afterwards, it is checked during the import whether this data in the title contains these keywords. If so, then these transactions are already assigned to the “Grocery” category. With this in mind, I try to make the import as simple and automated as possible.

        You can find further information on my website:

  2. Zubin

    Hey, i started using on my Iphone, now can i use the same in my mac book, if possible how, as it says to buy again on mac book.

    1. Tom

      Hello Zubin,

      thank you for your interest in MoneyStats!

      With the Pro version you can create unlimited transactions and the ads will be turned off. In addition, further evaluations are activated (e.g. categorization by hashtags, creation of comparisons, advanced searches, data import/export, etc.). Other in-app purchases like MoneyStats Data Sync, MoneyStats Categories or MoneyStats Reports are optional extensions and can be purchased additionally. These are not part of “MoneyStats Pro”. Further details on the content of the purchases can be found under the item “Further details” in the in-app purchases.

      Therefore, please make sure that you have installed the app where you made the in-app purchases. Otherwise, below my in-app purchases, you can click on “Restore Purchases” to reactivate items that have already been purchased.

      By activating the “Data Sync” in-app purchase, you can then synchronize your data across all your Apple devices. To do this, your data is stored in your private iCloud. You must therefore be logged in to all devices with the same Apple ID to be able to access it. But it is also possible to share the database with other Apple IDs.

      Please note: Since iOS/iPadOS App Store purchases are not compatible with macOS App Store purchases, Mac purchases must be re-purchased. However, this is not a restriction on my part, but not intended due to the various Apple app stores. The only exception is the “Data Sync” in-app purchase. A single purchase is sufficient for all devices and the iCloud then recognizes that it has already been purchased on iOS, iPadOS or macOS and then only has to be paid for once. All invited people from third-party Apple IDs will also have this purchase activated free of charge, provided they have been sent an invitation link.

      I have some detailed instructions in my user manual how to add a new devices to the list:

      If you are facing synchronization issues or the iCloud server is not responding, please try the following suggestions:

      I hope this will help! If you have any further questions or problems, just contact me.

      Best regards

  3. Gabriele Bettarini

    Hi Tom!
    I really appreciate your work, I have supported it by purchasing PRO version.

    I can’t wait to have the laptop (PC) version of MoneyStats!
    I already use it for my personal expenses, but also for my company’s ones.

    Create a strong team and scale this project man, it is great.


  4. Lizzie

    Hello, how can you import a csv file using the iPhone? I am evaluating to get the Pro version, but i only have a Windows PC. I am trying to enter all the transactions for last months for historical and analytics purposes and adding each transaction in the iPhone is time consuming. I checked your post that PC version could be developed but still not ready.

  5. Bruno

    Love this app but please make it for Windows it would be amazing !
    Thanks a lot !

  6. Armando Bazan

    Love this app. I have the PRO versiĂłn since 2020 and it’s been working so good. Keep the good job, can’t wait to see the windows version.

    1. Tom

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. Alessio

    I am interested in your app but i’d like to buy one with pc version too. I see that this topic was created almost one year ago. No news about pc version?

    1. Tom

      Hello Alessio, my app is only available in the Apple App Store and working for Apple devices (iOS, iPadOS and macOS). There is no version for Windows yet. Best regards, Tom

  8. Theo

    Hi, thank you for a fantastic app, bought the pro version for both iPad and Mac, waiting for the android version. Will you be adding a sort of share option (not a read-only export)? It would be great to be able to add other family members accounts where each member of a household can update their individual accounts and can then be included into our overall household accounts together. This would be especially useful for couples living together. Any plans to add this feature any time soon?

    1. Tom

      Hello, thank you for your interest in MoneyStats! I will do my best to add your suggestions in a future update. I wrote down the points in my to-do list. If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement, just contact me. Best regards, Tom

  9. catherine sentucq

    bonjour, très bon logiciel j’attend avec impatience de pouvoir synchroniser aussi avec mon tel android pouvez vous nous donner une date (approximative) pour cette mise à jour avec android ? et pouvoir pointé se serait super !!!!

    1. Tom


      Merci de votre intérêt pour MoneyStats !

      Jusqu’Ă  prĂ©sent, MoneyStats n’est disponible que pour les appareils Apple, c’est-Ă -dire pour iOS, iPadOS et macOS. Cependant, j’essaierai Ă©galement de rendre une application disponible pour les appareils Windows et Android Ă  l’avenir. Mais cela peut prendre du temps ! Malheureusement, je ne peux faire aucune prĂ©diction ici !

      Si vous avez d’autres questions ou suggestions d’amĂ©lioration, veuillez me contacter.


  10. Carlos

    Hello Tom. Will you release a Windows app anytime soon?

    1. Tom

      Hello Carlos, yes, I will try to add a windows app some day, but this will take some time! Regards, Tom

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