The new MoneyStats version 4.14 is published!

Starting today, you can update the latest MoneyStats version 4.14 from the Apple App Store. The new update brings a number of new functions and designs and the app has been optimized for the new iPhone 13, iPad mini and the iOS 15 operating system.

There are the following important innovations:

  • MoneyStats has been optimized for the new iPhones and iPads as well as for the new iOS operating system.
  • In the account settings you can now use new functions for the credit cards, such as setting the credit card limit and the billing period.
  • You can now archive accounts that are no longer used so that these accounts are hidden in the app without being completely deleted.
  • A new report on due dates and savings rates has been added, including a new evaluation in the overview.
  • New symbols have been added for your income and expenditure categories.
  • The data import has been completely revised and various data structures can now be read even better.
  • Mark your transactions as paid or unpaid.
  • You can now share your data with family or friends via iCloud.
  • Manage different access rights so that other people can access your data.
  • Some widgets are now even more configurable.
  • The loading of files from iCloud Drive has been improved.
  • VoiceOver is now available in all views with optimized texts. In addition, the text size is now automatically adjusted to the accessibility settings.
  • Many other improvements and some bug fixes!

I would be very happy to receive a positive review in the Apple App Store! If you have any further questions, problems or suggestions for improvement, you can simply contact me directly (

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