App Development by Tom Tennstedt

I have been an enthusiastic programmer and software developer for over 15 years. I particularly enjoy automating processes and inventing new tools that make life easier! In my spare time, I started developing the MoneyStats app for fun, so that I could manage and evaluate my own finances. There are now over 500,000 people from all over the world who have downloaded MoneyStats from the Apple App Store!

In 2015, I accidentally discovered Apple’s new programming language (Swift) and immediately fell in love with it. That’s why I’m currently only developing apps for the Apple App Store, i.e. for iOS and macOS devices. So far so good, so I programmed my first game called Nag Nag Bird. It took some time from the idea to the design and the technical implementation, but in the end I was very satisfied and proud of myself.

MoneyStats was born in 2017: a budgeting app for managing personal finances. Since then, my user numbers have increased steadily, and so have requests for additional functions and platforms. At the same time, I try to keep the app as intuitive and simple as possible. Not an easy task! With over 500,000 downloads, I have now reached the top positions in some countries and am now completely immersed in this project. 🙂

With MoneyStats, your budgeting app in the Apple App Store, you have your personal finances and your budget fully under control! It has never been so quick and easy to create a complete financial overview, to statistically evaluate and manage your finances! Keep track of your budget, manage your bank accounts, create different groups for your income and expenses, discover new ways to save money, categorize transactions, create recurring transactions, get current and historical exchange rates, import or export your data or graphically evaluate your current and future finances! You will quickly notice that MoneyStats is more than just a money app!

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