Ho ho ho! MoneyStats 5.00 is released!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022! As a gift and to celebrate the new financial year, I have released the new MoneyStats version 5.00! The following features are available with this new version:

  • New evaluation of the category distribution on the overview page.
  • New account balance display in the transaction view and a new configuration menu to change the calculation modes.
  • In the financial report, the largest income and expenses are now listed.
  • Improved views for categorizing income and expenses.
  • New representation of hashtags in different menus.
  • MoneyStats has been optimized for the new iPhones and iPads as well as for the new iOS and iPadOS operating system.
  • In the account settings you can now use new functions for the credit cards, such as setting the credit card limit and the billing period.
  • You can now archive accounts that are no longer used so that these accounts are hidden in the app without being completely deleted.
  • A new report on due dates and savings rates has been added, including a new evaluation in the overview.
  • New symbols have been added for your income and expenditure categories.
  • The data import has been completely revised and various data structures can now be read even better.
  • Mark your transactions as paid or unpaid.
  • You can now share your data with family or friends via iCloud.
  • Manage different access rights so that other people can access your data.
  • Some widgets are now even more configurable.
  • New language available: Polish.
  • VoiceOver is now available in all views with optimized texts. In addition, the text size is now automatically adjusted to the accessibility settings.
  • Many other improvements and some bug fixes!

I would be very happy to receive a positive review in the Apple App Store! If you have any further questions, problems or suggestions for improvement, you can simply contact me directly (feedback@ttdeveloped.com).

MoneyStats 5.00 is released! With new overvies, features and evaluations!

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  1. Jose Gomes Junior

    Dear Tom,

    I would like to test this app, but I could not find version 5.00 of MoneyStats in the App Store. There I only found version 4.0.3.

    1. Tom

      Hello Jose,

      because the macOS version was developed and released later, it has a different version number. The latest versions can be found in the Apple App Store:
      – iOS/iPadOS: MoneyStats v6.03
      – macOS: MoneyStats v4.03

      (as of January 2023)


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