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MoneyStats – Basics

Learn the basics of MoneyStats. You will create your first income and expenses and learn to read the various overviews. In addition, the settings are deepened by creating additional groups and accounts for your finances.

MoneyStats – Budgets

In this video the budgets are explained. You will create a new budget for your spending group to set financial limits and save money. Similarly, you will create a budget goal for your revenue group to track your sales goals.

MoneyStats – Recurring transactions

Create recurring transactions like monthly rent or annual insurance costs. Learn to process the transactions holistically or individually.

MoneyStats – Subgroups (Hashtags)

Learn to categorize your transactions and to assign certain keywords (hashtags). With the help of hashtags, you can evaluate your transactions in a variety of ways!

MoneyStats – Account balances

In this video you will learn how to modify the account balance in the overview and how to display the current balances for each transaction. You will also learn how to create your own account balance as new transactions.

MoneyStats – Import of data

If you already have your data available as a text file (TXT or CSV format), you can import it into the app. In this video you will learn how to do this and other useful functions to automatically categorize your transactions.

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