New year, new resolutions and save money with your financial plan for 2022!

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for the new year 2022 and all the best for all of your projects. This year there will be many new functions and enhancements for the free budgeting app in the Apple App Store and I look forward to all suggestions for improvement! At this point I would like to thank you for your trust and support in the MoneyStats project!

With the turn of the year the time for new resolutions begins. Therefore, your finances should be put to the test! The synchronization for couples is of course also possible and makes sense, because the goal should always be a complete overview of your household! Keeping a budgeting app can help you with that! So prepare yourself well for the new year 2022 and manage your income and expenses with the MoneyStats app right from the start, so that you gain and above all keep an overview of your finances.

Start the new year 2022 with the resolution to better control your personal finances!

To save money, you should always keep an eye on your finances. Analyze your finances over the last few years and think of certain categories for which you typically spend your money and where you earn money. As soon as your income and expenses are categorized, the worst is done! To go one step further, it is advisable to create budgets for all of your categories. The budgets help you stay within specified limits and save you from unnecessary expenses at an early stage.

Save money with the MoneyStats app and get a perfect overview of your income and expenses!

But you should also know your financial goals for 2022. Are you planning to buy a new car or go on a bigger trip? Start fighting for your goals early and put some money aside. A savings account is ideal for this, where you transfer money every month. So you always have an overview of your goal achievement. If necessary, you can react early by saving costs or opening up new sources of income.

Here are 6 more ideas for making New Year’s financial resolutions:

  1. With an annual tax return you can get back overpaid taxes. In most cases it is several hundred euros per year!
  2. MoneyStats can also be synchronized for couples and can be used free of charge. So use the functions to get a complete overview of the common household or the entire family!
  3. Divide your accounts into a payment account, savings account and fun account. So you always have an overview of your financial situation and your goals based on the account balance!
  4. Start investing and protect yourself from inflation! With the help of stocks, ETFs and funds, you can earn long-term profit from the success of the global economy.
  5. Put your monthly costs such as subscriptions and insurance to the test! Often the prices of the contracts rise unnoticed over the years, although there are cheaper alternatives!
  6. Just have a look around! There are often many hidden treasures lying around in the home. If you no longer need them, you could sell clothes, books, CDs, or flower pots at the flea market or on the internet. You could then reinvest the money you earn in stocks, ETFs and funds and multiply it.

Conclusion: It is up to you to organize and oversee your finances for the year 2022! However, with a little diligence you will make it and MoneyStats will help you manage your finances and save money!

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