Terms of Use

1. Preamble

The MoneyStats app from Tennstedt Software GmbH (hereinafter referred to as ‘MoneyStats’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’) provides the end user (hereinafter referred to as ‘user’ or ‘you’) with a free application for managing and evaluating your personal finances. Below you will find all information about our range of services and the associated terms of use and disclaimers.

Our goal is to provide you with a tool with which you can record your income and expenses and save and evaluate them in this application. You can decide for yourself how detailed your entries are in this application. MoneyStats offers you various input masks and import options to make this possible and to manage, evaluate and illustrate the data.

MoneyStats takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. Therefore, we generally do not collect any personal data and only limit ourselves to data that is absolutely necessary for the operation of the app.

In order to use MoneyStats in its basic functions, no personal data is necessary and no login or registration is required. Further information on data security and data protection can be found in our Privacy Policy section.

The following terms of use and disclaimers are machine translated texts. Only the German version is legally relevant.

2. Range of services

In addition to the basic functions of the MoneyStats app, we also offer additional paid functions that you can purchase optionally. There are also special offers where you can purchase several in-app purchases in one affordable package.

2.1 Free scope of services

  • Manual recording of your income and expenses

  • Unlimited transaction creation

  • Comprehensive financial analysis and forecasts

  • Creation of a maximum of 3 accounts to manage your transactions

  • Limited financial evaluations

  • Occasional interruptions when entering your transactions due to advertisements appearing

  • Customer support to help you operate and answer your questions

2.2 Paid scope of services (one-off payment)

2.2.1 MoneyStats Pro (in-app purchase)

  • Unlimited accounts to manage your transactions

  • Advanced options for evaluation and analysis

  • Advanced meta data entry and file attachment linking

  • No interruptions with ads

  • Automated import and export options

  • Automated features to categorize your transactions

2.2.2 MoneyStats Data-Sync (in-app purchase)

  • Sync your finances across devices

  • Storage of data in your private iCloud

  • Sharing your financial data with different Apple IDs

  • Encrypted data backup in your iCloud

2.2.3 MoneyStats Reports (in-app purchase)

  • Preparation of account statements, financial reports, profit and loss statements, etc.

  • Export your reports as a PDF file

  • Send your reports via email or to the printer

2.2.4 MoneyStats Categories (in-app purchase)

  • Unlock more than 150 additional symbols to categorize your transactions

  • Using your own image files as icons

2.2.5 MoneyStats Exchange Rates (in-app purchase)

  • Unlock more than 150 currencies

  • Generation of current and historical exchange rates

  • Creation of accounts with various foreign currencies

2.3 Paid scope of services (subscription)

2.3.1 Single bank connection (monthly or annual in-app purchase)

  • Connecting your bank with the MoneyStats app and all existing payment accounts

  • Automatic import of your account information to provide an overview of your bank account and the associated transactions

  • Automatic categorization of your transactions based on defined criteria

  • Individual financial tips based on your account information

2.3.2 Multiple bank connection (monthly or annual in-app purchase)

  • Connection of a maximum of 3 different banks with the MoneyStats app and all existing payment accounts

  • Automatic import of your account information to provide an overview of your bank account and the associated transactions

  • Automatic categorization of your transactions based on defined criteria

  • Individual financial tips based on your account information

3. Usage instructions

3.1 Free scope of services

When using the free version of MoneyStats, advertisements can be displayed. When you start a promotional video, only non-personalized ads will be shown because we care about your privacy and data security.

3.2 Paid scope of services (one-off payment)

Purchases from the iOS App Store do not transfer to the macOS App Store. This is currently not planned due to different MoneyStats applications and different Apple App Stores.

3.2.1 MoneyStats Pro

Please note that we offer two independent MoneyStats apps in the Apple App Store. On the one hand, the free version of MoneyStats, which can be upgraded to the Pro version with the in-app purchase “MoneyStats Pro”, and on the other hand, the paid app “MoneyStats Pro”, which already includes the Pro version. In the end, they are the same apps with the same range of functions. It is therefore sufficient to choose one of the two app variants, as each app also has its own in-app purchases. The data transfer between the apps is also possible without any problems thanks to the backup files.

3.2.2 MoneyStats Data-Sync

With the help of data synchronization, you can optionally share your iCloud database with your own devices or with other people with different Apple IDs (hereinafter referred to as ‘external people’). This gives external people a temporary insight into your iCloud data as the owner. As the owner, you can assign access rights yourself and decide whether external people have read or write rights to your data. As the owner, you can revoke access rights at any time or stop sharing with external people. To ensure access for external persons, some technical limitations are required. Therefore, the maximum number of data that can be shared with external people is limited to approximately 10,000 records. The maximum number of data that can be uploaded to iCloud in a single save procedure is limited to approximately 5,000 records. So far, only meta data is shared with external people, but not stored file attachments (e.g. PDF files or invoices in your iCloud Drive). MoneyStats therefore recommends limiting your shared database to a smaller number of people. The shared database is currently not designed for larger use cases.

The functionality of data synchronization via your private iCloud may be affected in various situations over which MoneyStats has no influence (e.g. storage space in your iCloud is empty, internet speed is weak, problems with the connection to the iCloud server or the iCloud Drive is with you User settings disabled). We always strive to identify user problems as quickly as possible and to maintain stable functionality, but we generally cannot guarantee that the service will operate seamlessly and error-free. Furthermore, we are not liable if the service is not available. The liability of Tennstedt Software GmbH due to negligence according to Section 4 remains unaffected.

3.2.3 MoneyStats Reports

In the MoneyStats app we offer you the opportunity to create demo reports with a limited evaluation. Only a maximum of 15 transactions are used and evaluated for the report to enable you to preview the report. Purchasing “MoneyStats Reports” will permanently remove this restriction.

3.2.4 MoneyStats Categories

In the MoneyStats app you have the option to categorize your transactions using different symbols. There are a variety of symbols available for this purpose. For even more detailed categorizations, you can unlock the in-app purchase “MoneyStats Categories”. You then have more than 150 additional symbols available to categorize your income and expenses. You can also use your own image files that are stored in your Apple photo library.

3.2.5 MoneyStats Exchange Rates

By activating the in-app purchase “MoneyStats Exchange Rates” you can obtain current and historical exchange rates. The exchange rates are only calculated for a single transaction and the main currency used and depend on the date and time you choose. It is currently not possible to calculate two exchange rates for transfers between two different accounts with different account currencies. To reduce server requests, you can only generate a maximum of 60 exchange rates per hour. If this limit is exceeded, the exchange rates will be added at a later date as soon as free capacity is available again. Current exchange rates are usually updated every 15 minutes. Historical exchange rates can be accessed up to 15 years in the past.

This service is provided by an external provider (“Free Currency Converter API”). MoneyStats has no influence on the information provided and is not liable for its content. MoneyStats simply downloads the data from this external provider using an API interface and makes the information available to its own users. Neither MoneyStats nor the external provider assume any liability for the timeliness, correctness, completeness, availability and quality of the data provided.

Since MoneyStats pays license fees for this service, we reserve the right to terminate this service at any time without prior notice. MoneyStats will not refund purchases that have already been made. Even though we strive to keep the API interface stable, we accept no liability for temporary unavailability of the exchange rate function.

3.3 Paid scope of services (subscription)

The subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. For free trial subscriptions, payment is made after the trial period has expired. The unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited once the subscription is purchased. The subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for the renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period. The subscription is valid for all your iOS and macOS devices. You can manage subscriptions and auto-renewals in your iTunes account settings. We reserve the right to change prices at indefinite times for new contracts. For active subscription periods, we reserve the right to make price changes at the beginning of a new subscription period. You will be informed about this in good time so that you have the right to object to the subscription extension. If you object, you can no longer use the additional paid services.

The single and multiple bank connection can only be used locally on a device or within your private iCloud environment. Depending on the app version, you may need to set up your private iCloud environment again.

3.3.1 Single and multiple bank connections

With the activation of the single or multiple bank connection, there is the possibility of a PSD2-regulated account connection from a European institution, so that you can import the latest bank data directly into the MoneyStats app without having to enter it manually. This service is offered to you via the Apple App Store as a monthly or annual subscription model and is an account information API from GoCardless integrated into the MoneyStats app. MoneyStats does not access your bank details directly, but only indirectly via the GoCardless account information API. GoCardless is an authorized Account Information Service Provider (AISP).

The Bank Account Data API is a set of endpoints through which MoneyStats communicates with the GoCardless system. All responses are submitted in JSON format. All endpoints require an authorization token.

GoCardless’ account information solution can access transaction history for the last 90 days as well as up to 90 days of account information. The following account details are made available to the user:

  • Account: Name of the account holder, a list of the account holder’s accounts (account number, IBAN)

  • Transactions: Date, name of the trader or counterparty (partner), description, amount

  • Account balances: Current and available

The GoCardless account information solution is available in all European Economic Area countries subject to the PSD2 regulation. In all of these countries, GoCardless (GoCardless SAS (in the EEA) or GoCardless Ltd. (in the UK)) operates as an authorized AISP.

Banks can set access limits limited to up to 4 API calls per day for each account. Therefore, updating account details in the MoneyStats app is limited to a maximum of 4 views per day and per bank. Every time the account data is updated, the query is paused and you can only start a new query after at least an hour. Approval process for the user

The use of the single and multiple bank connection in MoneyStats requires that you have expressly confirmed the terms and conditions and agreed to the separate data protection declaration, both from MoneyStats and from GoCardless, before authenticating with your bank account. It is also required that you successfully authenticate yourself with your bank interface. So you should know your bank’s authentication details. Each user is assigned a unique, anonymized reference number in MoneyStats, which is later used for identification. With the assigned unique identifier, you will then see the choice of different financial institutions in the MoneyStats app that you can link to the service. The list of available financial institutions is retrieved from the Bank Account Data API and depends on the financial institutions GoCardless supports in a particular country. After selecting a financial institution with which you would like to link MoneyStats, you will be redirected to the GoCardless consent process. This consent process is developed and hosted by GoCardless. Once you have accepted the consent, you will be redirected to the financial institution’s consent process in the next step. The financial institution provides you with an interface to link your account details. This consent process is developed and hosted by the financial institution. You must give your consent. After successful authentication, your access token will be securely stored on the GoCardless site. The access token allows GoCardless to retrieve bank account information from the respective financial institution. In the last step you will be redirected back to the MoneyStats app. If authentication was not successful, either because you chose not to proceed or you provided an incorrect username and/or password, then you will be redirected back to the original application view developed and hosted by MoneyStats. In this case, the error message will be appended to you as a query parameter. Once you’ve successfully completed the process, you’ll be able to access your raw data using MoneyStats via the bank account data API. Access and availability

Tennstedt Software GmbH is entitled to change or change the services of MoneyStats with regard to the terms and conditions. Nevertheless, we strive to provide our services as stable and without interruptions as possible.

Please note that we accept no liability for temporary unavailability of MoneyStats, particularly the Bank Account Data API. We also reserve the right to temporarily limit availability if maintenance work is required. In this case, we take your legitimate interests into account, e.g. by providing a prior maintenance notice. The liability of Tennstedt Software GmbH due to negligence according to Section 4 remains unaffected.

4. Disclaimer

MoneyStats is not liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this application. MoneyStats assumes no liability for the timeliness, correctness, completeness, availability or quality of the application provided and the data entered there by the user and the services offered. Liability claims against MoneyStats that relate to material or immaterial damage caused by the use of the application provided are fundamentally excluded unless MoneyStats can be proven to have acted intentionally or with gross negligence.

In the MoneyStats app we offer you the opportunity to create regular and automated backup files to protect yourself from data loss. You can use these files at any time to restore data from an earlier point in time. However, we would like to point out that we are not liable for the loss of data and programs or their restoration if we have not exercised our duty of care and precautionary measures appropriately.

MoneyStats contains links to external third-party websites over whose content we have no influence. Therefore, MoneyStats cannot accept any liability for this external content. MoneyStats is not responsible for the content of linked sites. At the time of linking, MoneyStats was not aware of any legal violations on the linked site. Since MoneyStats cannot guarantee permanent content control of the linked pages, if you become aware of any legal violations, we ask you to report them to MoneyStats immediately so that we can remove them as quickly as possible.

As of: December 14, 2023