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Your budget, your finances, your plan! Control your income and expenses and save cash!

Manage your personal finances and budgets with one single app! With MoneyStats you have full control of your finances, your budget and your income and expenses! Create financial overviews, evaluate, track and manage your finances! Keep an eye on your budget, manage your money and your bank accounts, categorize expenditures, discover new ways to save money, get current and historical exchange rates, manage your finances on different devices, automatically group your transactions, create recurring inputs and outputs, import from external data sources such as CSV-files and analyze your current and future financial outlook! MoneyStats is more than just a money app!

Download the app for free in the Apple App Store and try it out!

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Nag Nag Bird, App icon in the Apple App Store

Nag Nag Bird

Nag Nag Bird is my first game in the Apple App Store! I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun! Try to reach the next level and defeat the boss bird, collect coins to get some cool extras and hit the head of other birds to earn points! Discover the wonderful worlds of birds and enjoy the adventure!

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About me

The Developer

My name is Tom and I have been a keen programmer and software developer for a long time. Although I'm doing a different job full-time, luckily I still have enough free time to devote myself to my great passion.

By chance, in 2015, I discovered Apple's new programming language (Swift) and immediately fell in love with it. Therefore, I am currently developing only apps for the Apple App Store, so for iOS devices. So far so good, so I programmed my first game called Nag Nag Bird. It took some time from the idea to the design and the technical implementation, but in the end I was very satisfied and proud of myself. Unfortunately, the game is almost unknown until today. However, it helped a lot to learn the new programming language.

Second try! For this, I have to tell you that I have always been in my free time planning and researching my finances: So I figured I'd develop an app for planning personal finances. In 2017, the app MoneyStats was born. Since then, my user numbers have steadily increased and I have actually managed to develop an app that is praised by many and above all used! Meanwhile, the app has become very extensive. At the same time, I try to keep the app as intuitive and easy as possible. Not an easy task! With over 50,000 users, I have now reached the top rankings of some countries. Therefore, I only work on MoneyStats. The app robs me of all the free time! But these are happy times! :-)



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