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MoneyStats is a smart budget book to control all your earnings & expenses! You can easily generate an overview about your balances, discover potential savings, automatically group your transactions, create recurring income & expenditures, import data from a CSV-file or just view a statistical evaluation of your current and upcoming budget. With this app and just a few clicks you have your finances full under control!

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Nag Nag Bird, App icon in the Apple App Store

Nag Nag Bird

Nag Nag Bird is my first game in the AppStore! I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun! Try to reach the next level and defeat the boss bird, collect coins to get some cool extras and hit the head of other birds to earn points! Nag yourself through the birds and have a nag nag fun!!!

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About me

The Developer

If I would describe myself with one word, I would probably choose ‘all-round-developer’... actually, I have studied some kind of engineering, but my passion has always been programming, so that I have been active for more than 10 years in the ‘deeper’ development scene. At the very beginning, like many others, I began with my first website and was dealing with HTML and CSS, followed by embedded JavaScript and smaller databases. Afterwards, I learned from course JAVA and learned the basic principles of programming. During my studies, I tried it with my first start-up, developed a complete social network and used languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL and JavaScript. Unfortunately, it never came to a breakthrough and the competition was overpowering. Totally disaster! Well, at work I have to program many Microsoft applications, partially even very extensive VBA projects coupled with MS Excel and MS Access ... and to get my private compensation, I finally discovered Apple's new programming language! For more than 4 years now, I am an enthusiastic SWIFT-Developer during my spare time. I start one project at a time and try to program as much as possible!


I would be very happy to hear from you and I appreciate every feedback about my apps.

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